CMS to Distribute Advanced Circulatory’s Products

Combat Medical Systems (CMS) is proud to announce that effective July 1, 2013, Advanced Circulatory, manufacturers of ResQGARD® and ResQPOD®, has named us its Master Distributor to the US Department of Defense and Federal Agencies.

Advanced Circulatory’s ResQGARD® and ResQPOD® are circulatory enhancement devices designed to treat low blood pressure and improve blood flow to the heart and brain in hypotensive patients. These products are supported with extensive scientific and clinical data.

ResQGARD is for treating spontaneously breathing casualties who are hypovolemic and have symptoms of low blood pressure: candidates include casualties who present with low blood pressure due to blood loss, dehydration, heat stroke, easy sepsis and orthostatic intolerance. The device creates slight resistance when a casualty inhales, effectively increasing blood flow and circulation. When IV or IO access is not practical, ResQGARD provides a therapeutic bridge until the casualty receives definitive treatment. The non-invasive device is easily administered by all skill level providers. It can effectively increase blood pressure by up to 30%.

ResQPOD enhances circulation during basic or advanced life support CPR. This simple non-invasive device regulates pressure in the chest and improves blood flow to the heart and brain. When a casualty is at risk for hypotension, ResQPOD provides Perfusion on Demand (POD). In clinical studies, ResQPOD increased blood flow to the brain by 50% and demonstrated increased survival rates with favorable neurologic outcomes by 25% or more. Timing Lights guide proper compression and ventilation rates ensuring effective CPR is administered. ResQPOD helps circulate drugs more effectively and does not restrict patient ventilation.

For more information and clinical references, visit our product resource pages: ResQGARD or ResQPOD and the Advanced Circulatory website